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News > 12th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (T.I.T.E 2019) 12 - 15 February 2019

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12th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (T.I.T.E 2019) 12 - 15 February 2019


From tourism point of view, Iran enjoys two important and unique features. The first one is for its exceptional geographical location among the countries in the world. As a strategic point too, Iran acts as a bridge which connects the European and African countries to Asia, as well as the CIS to the Middle East and Persian Gulf region. Such a feature makes a great potential for the Iranian tourism.

The second feature of Iran is its fabulous tourism attractions which may be studied in two aspects: Concerning the extent of various types of tourism, such as historical, cultural, natural, pilgrimage, adventurous tourisms, etc. and the other one is its four season nature and simultaneous access for enjoying aquatic entertainments, such as swimming in one point, and the winter entertainments and sports at another point of Iran.

In addition to above-mentioned features, Iran (Persia) is amongst the pioneers of the global civilization and being as one of the most ancient civilizations ever-discovered throughout the world, so that we can rarely find any important museum in the world where there is no Persian monument or artifact in.

       Exhibit"s Profile :

o    Travel agencies

o   Air lines, sea lines & rail road lines

o   Banks & Insurance services

o   Tourism foundations, associations & academies

o   Health / Sport / Pilgrimage & Eco Tourism

o   Periodicals, books & directories

o   Hotels, guesthouses & tourist villages

o   Handicrafts, arts & traditionals

o   Investment plans & projects

o   Free Zones

o   Travel & camping equipment and supplies

o   Travel vehicles (buses, middle buses, caravan…)

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13:49 - 27/11/2018    /    Number : 546783    /    Show Count : 24


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