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News > Løkke denounces Trump’s UN speech

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Løkke denounces Trump’s UN speech

Donald Trump touted his ‘America First’ agenda and the USA’s economic and military might in a speech to the UN General Assembly, Tuesday, but Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said he would rather have heard the President talk about about the climate or human rights.

He dismissed the speech as ‘disappointing’ for those who believe in global cooperation.

“It was all about America first but when you’re the free world’s leader and head of the richest country on earth you have a responsibility to look beyond your own borders,” said the PM. “What we witnessed today was a lack of leadership.”

Mr Rasmussen agreed that it’s natural to put one’s own country first but there has to be an international commitment: “Denmark’s prosperity today is a result of our ability to trade with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, we have an American president today who doesn’t acknowledge international, rule-based cooperation.”

According to the PM it’s ‘fortunate’ that there are many others in the U.S. heading in the right direction.

“On Monday, alongside New York’s mayor, I took part in a meeting about sustainable energy solutions . The USA’s biggest city is completely dedicated to setting targets for sustainability and climate change, as is California. There are many signs that Americans are inspired by the Scandinavia model and the values we represent – but unfortunately not in the White House.

At the same time he praised the President for giving a more coherent and subdued speech than last year ‘when it seemed as though he had improvised the whole thing on his way to the UN’.

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