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News > The 3nd International Exhibition of Logistic, Transport and Related Industries in I.R.Iran on 16-18 Dec 2018

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The 3nd International Exhibition of Logistic, Transport and Related Industries in I.R.Iran on 16-18 Dec 2018



Exhibition sectors



Airports, aviation, tunneling & underground infrastructure, smart city-urban and public transport, parking, rail & metro, ports & maritime, intelligent transport systems, transport solutions management, Road, shipbuilding & repair, Traffic management, commercial vehicles – heavy and light

Logistics, cargo, cold chain management, storage, warehousing & materials handling, packaging and distribution, oil & gas, ICT solutions, safety and security, services


  • Equipment & Facilities of Rail way including Rail, wagon & car technology, catering, passenger & freight stations, lighting, technology, electricity & electronic, operators, contractors, etc.
  • Equipment and facilities of road construction including heavy & light machineries, asphalt, concrete, digging and ventilation of tunnels, bridge construction, road lighting, road surveillance cameras, Rescue, etc.
  • Facilities & Toll equipment including road construction and maintenance, road traffic signs, speed control systems, heavy and light machineries, safety clothing, electronic services of highway’s transport, etc.
  • Facilities and equipment of road transport including buses, trucks, minibuses, road taxies, road services, etc.)


  • companies manufacturing passenger, cargo, recreation planes
  • Repair and maintenance of aircraft and the terminal
  • companies providing airport services
  • Installation of airport equipment companies (control tower, terminal, runways)
  • Participate in the maintenance and repair of airports
  • Companies maintaining and repairing airports
  • flight control system
  • Insurances and Banks


  • Marine shipping & transportation
  • Shipbuilding industries
  • Oil & gas offshore industries
  • Marine & ports services
  • Defense and military matters
  • Oceanography and Meteorology
  • Electronic & telecommunication
  • Marine tourism and recreation
  • Marine laws
  • Classification institutions
  • Insurance and credit institutions
  • mapping and hydrography
  • marine environment
  • economic free zones
  • marine search and rescue
  • marine & port associations and unions
  • constructing, equipping and developing ports
  • Marine Science and Technology universities and excellent training centers 

Road Construction Machineries

Pavers, Grader, Roller, Compactor, Plate Compactor, Milling Machine Vibrators, Road Scarifying Machine, Pavement Picking Machine, Asphalt Mixing Plant, Asphalt Recycling Equipment, Slurry Seal Machine/Vehicles, Spreaders, Chasers, Crack Ssealing Machine, Chips Spreader, Rock Crusher, Scoring Equipment, Synchronous Sealer, Crushing and Screening Equipment, etc

Road Maintenance Machinery

Milling Machine, Regeneration Machinery, Asphalt Distributor, Slurry Seal Machine, Chips Spreader, Maintenance Truck/ Recovery Vehicle, Slotted Equipment, Shot Blasting Machine, Crack Sealing Machine, Maintenance Machines/Tools, etc.

Other Subgrade Construction/Maintenance Equipment: Bulldozer, Excavator, Loader, Grader, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pile-Driving (Pulling) Machine, etc

Earthmoving & civil engineering, Demolition, environment & recycling Accessories,Components, parts, Engines, New technologies, Equipment & machines for road infrastructure & maintenance, components & accessories, mining & quarrying, Drilling, boring, special foundations, Topography, engineering, simulators, Concrete Industry – World Of Concrete Europe, Formwork & scaffolding, Equipment & tools for construction sites
Compressors, generators, Related new technology, Lifting & handling, Vehicles & transportation for materials & equipment, Passenger transportation (LCV), New technologies for lifting & transportation, Accessories, Tires

Road construction and repair work

Cable Installer
Construction of Bridges, Viaducts, Tunnels and Roads

Diverting Rivers and Constructing Canals
Dredging Activities
Constructing and Assembling Concrete And Steel Structures
Geo Technology
Land Surveying
Foundation Specialists
Brick Road Construction
Laying Asphalt
Road Markings
Water Engineering
Traffic Inspectors
Railway Construction


Electric device tread shoe screed balance beam vulnerable parts tool bit damping rubber block and other parts of road construction and maintenance engineering machinery

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