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News > ‎ Samuelsen stressed Irans key role in the reconstruction of Iraq

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‎ Samuelsen stressed Irans key role in the reconstruction of Iraq

The coalition fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has made significant progress, Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen said yesterday (12th Feb) ahead of a meeting convened by the USA in Brussels this week where representatives of allies from Europe and the Middle East will discuss how each member of the coalition could contribute more to defeating the extremist group.

Mr Samuelsen said training Iraqi security forces, reconstructing the war-torn country’s infrastructure, and mine clearance would be high on his ‘to do list’  at the meeting, important issues that would encourage displaced refugees to return home.

Although Iranian Shiite militias have moved into Iraq during the conflict to help the government resist ISIS, the overall aim is still to make Iraq self-sufficient, Mr Samuelsen said.

“But Iran will play a ‘key role’ in Iraq’s future. Iran has significant power and influence so if we can encourage them to play a constructive role it would be decisive for stability in the region,” he added.




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