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News > Ecotourism exhibition. Exhibit at IETEX 2017- Tehran

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Ecotourism exhibition. Exhibit at IETEX 2017- Tehran


Why exhibit at IETEX 2017 Tehran?

As IETEX 2017 Tehran, supported by:


The Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade of Iran; The Association of Air Transport & Tourism Agencies of Iran; and The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism Organization of Iran, it is indeed a great pleasure to welcome you at our ecotourism exhibition from 2nd to 5th September 2017. The exhibition is a platform where you can get familiar with Irans ecotourism activities. It will be a great opportunity to introduce your company to 80 million Iranians and other participant companies. The event will commence with themes surrounding Nature; Water and Soil. The second day will be dedicated to Human Activities and Nature. The third day theme will be about Ethnics & Ethnical-Religious Music. "Equipment for the Sake of Nature" will mark the end of exhibition on the fourth day. As the IETEX Exhibition 2017 is an unique exhibition, it is expectable to meet the various companies and high number of attendees who will come to visit the event. Hence, it is a great opportunity for you to meet new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

Key reasons to exhibit:
1. Regarding number of attendees: around 240-250 companies and 400.000 to 500.000 general and professional attendees visit the fair. 
2. Companies and visitors around the word attend the exhibition, but countries like: China, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, U.A.E, Japan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Kuwait, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Oman, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iraq have been more active in the past years.
3. People who are visit the exhibition would be in the rage of age which are include 65% are between 15 - 40 years old and 35% are above 45 years old. 
4. All of the Iranians, government and non-government organizations, NGOs, Medical tourism associations and related organizations in this field, Iranian Free zones, five sports federations, Banks and insurances related to ecotourism and medical tourism, airlines, hotels, etc. 
5. The four-day exhibition will bring together the industry stakeholders, thought leaders, policy makers, business leaders, tour operators and top industrialists in the field of tourism & ecotourism. Therefore, it will provide a chance to known companies and suppliers across the world. 
6. Get the low down on future medical tourism, ecotourism and related industries trends 7. Create an unforgettable experience at this event

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16:52 - 13/06/2017    /    Number : 460145    /    Show Count : 740


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