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26 August 2016,meeting with Danish company representitives



In the Name of God, The compassionate the merciful


Statements by H.E Ambassador Morteza Moradian

26 August 2016, NICCC Office, Copenhagen


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to take part at this reception.

My special thanks to H.E. Ambassador Danny Annan, Danish Ambassador to Tehran, and the Nordic Ambassadors and their representatives.

I also take this opportunity to thank you as Danish business representatives and individuals who are actively trying to engage in business relations with Iran.

I would also like to thank Danish officials for their support and state organizations such as EKF for facilitating trade between our two countries. 

My appreciations also go to the Nordic Iran Chamber of Commerce - Copenhagen for assisting us in organizing this event. The (NICCC) formation has been a positive development in recent months and I hope its services will help promote the Nordic - Iran trade.

We have gathered here today to compare notes and to review economic relations between Iran and Denmark after the visit to Tehran in January this year by H.E. Christian Jensen, the Danish Foreign Minister, and the accompanying business leaders.

Another aim of this gathering is to provide us with a chance to interact and hear about the opportunities and problems. I hope we will all leave this session with better understanding of the realities and prospects. Thank you very much for your patience.

It was just over a year ago when Iran and the P5+1 reached an agreement on Iran's peaceful nuclear programme. Since then, there have been some major developments. Numerous high level officials and trade delegations from all over the world, especially from the West, including Danish Foreign Minister, as well as trade delegations have visited Iran. Tens of MOUs have been signed and extensive negotiations on many business agreements are ongoing.

It is true that there are still some obstacles, chief among them, banking transfers but I am confident of your awareness about the ongoing positive atmosphere and trend. The fact that the US Treasury has been arranging sessions throughout the world to clarify its position on trade with Iran is a sign to ensure that businesses can trade with Iran without violating existing sanctions. As you know there have been high level meetings and American and European officials have made joint statements encouraging engagement with Iran.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Iranians have trust in Denmark and Danish products and this trust has been built up over 80 years of honest and constructive engagement. They know that Danish companies have the expertise and know-how in the majority of areas Iran is seeking new technologies to meet its needs. Danes too are aware about Iran's  emphasis on transfer of technology and joint production and investment in Iran. With ample natural as well as human resources in the country and easy access to large regional markets any joint projects in Iran is certain to yield high rewards. 

These include sustainable energies, pharmaceuticals, environmental, water management, sewage and recycling, machinery in dairy and other industries, shipping and port management and plenty of others.

Some of you might have experienced problems inside Iran. What I can assure you is that Iran is ready to listen and try to solve the problems individually or generally, where we see logical reasons to do so. One example is the recent changes in the oil contracts. So I invite you to share with us any problems you have encountered and we will do our best to help. For our part, the Embassy will do its utmost to offer timely consular and other services to facilitate engagement with Iran and Iranians.


Thank you 



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