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Investment opportunities announced by Ministry of Agriculture Jihad:


-         Development of modern irrigation systems (pressure irrigation) on a scale of 2000 hectares

-         Development of Irrigation and drainage networks on a scale of 2300 hectares

-         Utilization of renewable energy, especially solar energy at modern irrigation systems on a scale of 1000 hectares

-         Equip and modernization and drainage of land on the scale of 2600 hectares

-         Transfer of water through water pipes and modernization of irrigations canals on a scale of 2300 kilometers

-         Repair and renovation of Ghanat in the scale of 35 kilometers

-         Supply of the energy for diesel (solar) wells

-         Small scale projects to supply water, water reservoirs, diversion dams, pump stations on a scale of 11000 Million cubic meter

-         Construction of industrial scale slaughterhouse in Tabriz

-         Construction of green house in the region of Jolfa

-         Cage fish breeding in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari

-         Establishment of Dairy factory in the city of Sari

-         Mushroom production with a yearly capacity of 70 tons

-         Breeding 2000 cows for slaughter

-         Breeding 3500 sheep

-         Establishment of 3400 ton refrigerated house  in Babolsar

-         Production of juice and concentrate of asparagus and tomatoes

-         Meat packing of sturgeon fish

-         Production of pasteurized butter

-         Production of biogas from agricultural, industrial and household waste

-         Production of vitamin D gelatin capsules 



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