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Ambasador speech 15 Khordad 1394


In the Name of God

The compassionate the merciful


I would like to express my condolences on the 26th anniversary of the demise of Imam Khomeini and thank the officials of Imam Ali Mosque for this arrangement.

Imam Khomeini was one of the most unique and distinctive characters in human history. With his Godly thoughts and sincere efforts he managed to changed the course of history and set in motion important developments in Iran and the world.

The Islamic Revolution took place in Iran but neither the effects of the revolution nor the love for Imam Khomeini was limited to Iran and the Iranians.

The Islamic Revolution taking its lead from the thoughts of Imam Khomeini led to the downfall of a dictatorial regime dependent on the West, and the formation of a system of government based on Islamic ideology. Due to its Islamic characteristics the revolution attracted the attention of the Muslims throughout the world and placed Imam Khomeini in the hearts and minds of the Muslims of the world.

The Islamic Revolution emphasized on the principles of religion, the protection of Islam, support for the weak and oppressed in the world, and struggle against colonialism and oppression.

For these reasons the Muslims of the world will always remember and respect Imam Khomeini.

But what made Imam Khomeini a unique character was a collection of cultural, social, political and spiritual characteristics about him with God remaining the pivot of all he believed in and in all he did.


With the situation the Islamic World is facing today attention to his thoughts is felt more than ever.

Imam Khomeini drew a distinction between the real and true Islam and the Islam of the oppressors and corruptors which is supported by the aggressors - the Islam propagated by Al-Qaeda, ISIS and also movements which pretend to be Islamic in appearance but are alien with Islam and are supported by some world powers.


I would like to briefly refer to some aspects of Imam Khomeini's thoughts.

1.     Unity among Muslims

Both before and after the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini called for unity among the Muslims. He always regarded any division between Muslims and the idea of sectarianism such as division between Shias and Sunnis as a conspiracy by the enemies of Islam. He also called for peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians.


2.   Attention to the wishes of the people (Religious democracy)


Right from the victory of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini put special emphasis on religious democracy. He was so popular that the people accepted whatever he decided but he conditioned the creation of the Islamic Republic on the vote of the people and only a few months after the victory of the Islamic Revolution the people unanimously approved the Islamic Republic in a referendum. This was a clear message to the world that Islam has no contradiction with democracy.

Knowledgeableness, ability to manage crises, living a simple life, decisiveness and braveness were some of the other characteristics of Imam Khomeini.


Today there are movements that are trying to present a distorted, unreal and extremist image of Islam to the world and they have the support of some of the reactionary governments in the region and some world powers. This has led to the creation of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS which have brought about instability and insecurity in the region and given the world a distorted and negative image of Islam.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, inspired by the thoughts of Imam Khomeini and under the guidance of the Supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, is trying hard to present a true image of Islam free from extremism and violence, and help establish peace and security in the region.


Brothers and sisters,

It is the responsibility of those of us inspired by the thoughts of Imam Khomeini to work hard to correct the wrong perception given of Islam to the world and to introduce the true Islam. We must draw a distinction between the true Islam and the American Islam.


Today the threat of terrorism has not only spread throughout the region but threatens some of the Western countries too.

What can remove this threat is emphasis on the unity of Muslims, particularly unity among the shias, the Sunnis, and the Christians on the one hand and emphasis on the role of people in an Islamic system of government as well as presentation of a compassionate and kind image of Islam which is the true tradition of the Prophet and the sacred Imams (peace be upon them)


Once again I would like to thank you for participating at this ceremony and pray to Al might God that we will be good followers of the thoughts of Imam Khomeini and true missionaries for presentation of the true Islam to the world. 


Thank you   








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Islamic Republic of IRAN,
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